copyFileTo documentation


The documentation doesn’t explain how this behaves if targetLocation is a folder or whether targetLocation should be a folder or a file name.

Could it be improved?

Also be nice if these returned a Result one day with full OS error information in!

    /** Copies a file.

        Tries to copy a file to a different location.
        If the target file already exists, this will attempt to delete it first, and
        will fail if this can't be done.

        @returns    true if the operation succeeds
    bool copyFileTo (const File& targetLocation) const;```

Thank you for reporting.

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Same for e.g. createInputStream(). I was used to put debug data on Desktop, since that is very convenient thanks to File::getSpecialLocation(). With the new wrench Apple throws into the works I had to debug quite deeply into trivial things:

juce::XmlDocument xml (pluginFile);
    if (auto root = xml.getDocumentElement())

No chance to know what part exactly failed (spoiler: my app didn’t request permission I suppose)

+1 for more functions returning Results instead of bool

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Extra +1 for network functions returning actual error codes from the operating system so you can tell the difference between an SSL error and a DNS problem :slight_smile:

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Perfect thanks :slight_smile: