Why I can't use BinaryData in Drawable::createFromImageData(BinaryData::rewind_png, BinaryData::rewind_pngSize)

I want to create two toolbarButton, but this part code always goes wrong. It prompts that the BinaryData is not Class name or namespace name.

Does anyone konws why? Thank you very much.

did you include the header file for BinaryData?

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Yes, i included the header “BinaryData.h” in my code.
But it pointed out that:Can’t open source file of “BinaryData.h”.

Sounds like that’s your problem, is BinaryData.h in the same folder on disk as the file your trying to include BinaryData.h from? if not when you include it are you making sure you have the path right? or have you added the right header search paths if necessary?

Ok, maybe that’s the point. Thank you very much.
What I really want is making the toolbaButton presents with only text, and tnen it can open a new window or subcomponent when i click it. Do you have any ideas?