Why is a Point<int> in ComponentPeer::textInputRequired

I saw that the first parameter of type Point<int> in ComponentPeer::textInputRequired isn't used in any platform. I need to position the TextEditor above the Android and iOS keyboard but can't find a way, I will implement it (don't know how yet) and found this Point<int> but is not used, what was the idea behind it? (maybe I can feel the gap)

It's there in case the OS can in the future do something smart, e.g. make sure that a pop-up keyboard is positioned so that it doesn't cover the location of the text entry box.

Sadly this must be done by hand right now. I have every "screen" of my app inside a Viewport, so I'm going to implement this in my application. I with Apple and Google make a nice implementation of this so we can delegate this to the OS.

Thanks for the fast answer and all the work you have done! JUCE is a great project!