Why is findDefaultComponentTarget protected?

I have a ApplicationCommandTarget class, which isn’t a Component,
and I would like it to be the default target.

I thought it would be easiest to use the
ApplicationCommandManager::setFirstCommandTarget method.

In the setNextCommandTarget method of my target class, i would like
to return ApplicationCommandManager::findDefaultComponentTarget.
So if my default target cannot handle the command, the standard search
path is used.

But I cannot do that, ApplicationCommandManager::findDefaultComponentTarget
is a protected method.

What are the alternatives?

kind regards,

That’s a fair point, actually. There’s no reason why it couldn’t be public, I just added the method as a utility aimed at subclasses, but you’re right, it could be handy for use in other classes too. I’ll promote it to public for you!

Thanks jules,

I’m using the ApplicationCommandManager class for the first time,
and this detail really confused me.