Win 10 Anniv. Ed. && MAX_PATH / SystemStats

So I see that Windows 10 Anniversary Edition allows the user to remove the 260 character limitation in MAX_PATH

Removing the 260 char. limit in MAX_PATH

Should we check the Registry for this ourselves or should it be added to SystemStats ?



Maybe check it yourself for now. Interesting though, we should probably check for any internal long path limits that we have, and work around them.

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Yeah, I can see the potential for a lot of boundary errors for code like:

WCHAR path [MAX_PATH * 2] = { 0 };

in FileChooserHelpers, etc… and also in third party libs like sqlite3 which uses MAX_PATH a lot.

You’d probably also need to change the JUCE use of the deprecated SHGetSpecialFolderPath() and use SHGetKnownFolderPath().



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