[window reset after closing]


I suppose my problem is common but i could not find any thread on the forum.

On my plugin, i have graphic components like slider.

When I close the window of my plugin (I don't delete the plugin from the host track, I just close the window, the plugin is still running), the sliders are reseted and the value goes back to 0.0.

Do I have to save all components values before closing the window ? (where can I catch the closing window ?)

Is there a other way to keep all graphic component same value ?

Thank you


No, not a common problem.. Slider will not send a change message when you delete them, you must either be doing something yourself that's making that happen, or just totally misunderstanding something, but I don't know what!

I don't understand how windows work.

I used Ableton and Reaper for the test.When I close my window, the plugin continues running. so the plugin program is not closed, only the window, right ?

Then when I re-open my window (plugin still running), the window seems to be a new instance.

So, do I have to save all graphics component and re-set them when I open the window ?

thank you

There may be zero, one or many editors open at any time, and any of them then can be deleted at any time. Your code needs to deal with that.

I didn't consider that :)

Thank you