Window size strangements... [Solved!]

Hi could someone verify this, please - I'm building on a rather old Eclipse environemet, and can't be sure that, or the fact I'm using an old Nexus 7 (Android 5) isn't to blame.

Open the JuceDemo->Windows demo. Click Show Windows. Close the Dialogue Window. On my device I can't seem to drag the left window, but if I drag the right or semi-transparet windows lazily (left and right) around the bottom of the screen - they grow in width over a few seconds.

I've tried in both normal rendered and OpenGl. I get the same results


A bit off-topic, because I can't really comment on your problem (unfortunately we don't run/support Eclipse here), but have you considered moving to Android Studio?

If that's an offer to buy me a new (less full, more up-to-date) PC, yes please, thankyou!

Alternatively, could you try it out on a more recent dev platform, and see whether you get the same results, pleae?

Yes, I can confirm this bug using Android Studio and an up-to-date Nexus 9.

We'll have a look.

Finally tracked down and fixed this bug. The cause were accumulating rounding errors when repeatedly calling setBounds() on an Android window.

Well done, timur. It does indeed seem to fix it!