Windows build of plugin doesn't show up in some DAWs/blacklisted

So my mac build works great on this plugin I’ve been working on and my windows build works just fine on my machine. It passes all Pluginval tests on the strictest settings. But when my bosses install it on their machines, it either doesn’t show up in their DAWs or shows up blacklisted, even after rescanning all plugins.

Is there some tried and true method for finding out what is going on? I don’t understand why they are having this trouble.

Are you linking against the static or dynamic version of the visual studio run time library? If dynamic, maybe they don’t have the library installed on their machine. Try switch to static run time library.

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Thanks for your response.
Are you referring the C++ runtime library? I don’t think this is the problem because our installers install the runtime just in case the clients don’t have it. Whenever I try switching to static, I get a ton of mismatch errors.

Never mind, you were 100 percent correct. That did the trick. Thanks!

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