[Windows] Upgrade to JUCE 7 broke Visual Studio linker

I installed JUCE 7 (had to manually title previous JUCE installation folder to JUCE_old, as Windows doesn’t allow ProJucer to automatically do so). After downloading and unzipping JUCE 7, I moved it to C:/Program Files/JUCE.
I opened the ProJucer from the new JUCE folder, and opened my existing Plugin project. After exporting Visual Studio 2019 IDE file, I ran the Debug build and it failed with about 50 errors.

One error was “cannot open file 'Your-Plugin.lib” with LNK1104

Also, there were a large number of these errors: C2110, C2440, C2664, and a few C2660.

As a test, I created a default JUCE Plugin project from the JUCE 7 Projucer, to test that it’s just my current project that is the issue. This default test plugin was able to run correctly in Visual Studio.

I believe the LNK1104 error mentioned above is the main problem. I think I must be missing something obvious. Any suggestions on how to solve this appreciated!

This sounds like you need to clean all build artifacts from your existing Plugin project.

I tried deleting my Builds directory and JuceLibraryCode folder, then regenerated with ProJucer. No luck, same errors as before.

I’m gonna try to return to JUCE 6 for the time being to try to diagnose issue.

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Update/Solution: It turned out the problem was not related to JUCE version; rather that I had been working on MacOS/XCode environment adding new features which made use of JUCE JSON utilities. Some of the syntax I was using for this was not portable to the Microsoft VCC Compiler, which was causing lots of the above compiler and linker errors. Fixing the juce::JSON syntax errors in Visual Studio solved this issue.