Windows VST setRange


Total noob here so be kind :smiley:

I am trying to change the range of a parameter in a plugin based on the juce VST demo plugin. In DemoEditorComponent.cpp:

gainSlider->setRange (0.0, 1.0, 0.01);
delaySlider->setRange (0.0, 20, 1);

The gainSlider->setRange works as expected, but the delaySlider seems to “top out” at 1. The slider will not travel past the 1 mark in the VST GUI. I had a look at the definition of the setRange function, but found no clue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

VST parameters only have a range of 0 to 1 - if you want to display a different range on your slider, you’ll need to scale the numbers on the way in and out of the plugin.

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Thanks, Jules.

Giving it a shot…

OK I guess I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what the “in” and “out” of the plugin means for the parameters.

I would guess that the getParameter function is the “input” of the parameter to my plugin, and the setParameter is where I send it back to the host?

If that’s the case, then do I scale the parameter to my liking at the getParameter and reverse scale it at setParameter? Or do I have this all wrong?

Again, forgive my inexperience. I’m trying to get this working, but haven’t gotten it quite right yet.

Er… no, you implement those methods in your class, so getParameter is called by the host when it wants to get one of your parameters, and vice-versa.