Juce Slider value range

hello, now i develop vst plugin using juce


i am using slider object and 

        addParameter (par1 = new AudioParameterFloat ("par1", "Par1", 0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f  ));

is it only available that range has 0.0f ~ 1.0f?


but i see many vst plugin large number such as 100, 250

did multifly value(0.0f ~ 1.0f) for large number  in gui??


second question i use midi device

i have coding that

" aSlider->setRange (param->range.start*100, param->range.end*100); //multifly "

for getting big numberm, i multifly value(100)


but using midi controller, i get value only 0.0f ~ 1.0f

how did it solve? umm i want to know mapping big number to 0.0~ 1.0 or something else



See the NormalisableRange class