Windows xp compatibility

I am having an issue with latest JUCE version. I built a project derivied from juce example proj, but when i try to run in on windows xp its crashing with "GetTickCount64" message.  I built clean juce example proj and dependancy walker have many entry points that not exists in win xp. So how to build windows xp compatible version on latest JUCE ? I can provide sources if someone wants to go through

I use Vs2012 compiler if it matters

Well, we build tracktion without any special changes, and that run on XP..

And the codebase doesn't contain any reference to GetTickCount64. Perhaps it's some of your other code that's the problem, not juce?

As i said , compiled plugin example project doesnt run on xp.  Of course its not a juce itself but its a bit confusing fact. I cant make it work because my c++ skills are pretty bad.

Actualy.. does the VC2012 compiler even support XP compatibility?

Thank you.  The difference between compilers matters sometimes.  As i found on the internet ,its a common problem what can be solved by installing a patch. smiley