WinRT MIDI Output wrong device names

I’ve noticed a problem with MIDI output device naming, only on Windows and with WinRT enabled.

This is the detected input devices :

And this is the detected output devices :

“MIDI” and “MIDI-2” should show “Cool” and “loopMIDI Port”.

When disabling WinRT, this works just fine, output devics are shown the right way, without any change in the code.

This is a Microsoft problem. Unfortunately there is nothing that Juce can do about it.
This was brought to Microsoft’s attention years ago, but to date has not been fixed. They eventually fixed the SysEx problem, but not the device name problem. :frowning:

Thanks for the update, this is such a shame… Well I’ll just disable WinRT until this is in a better shape, this just feels like a shitty bug from the user perspective, and nothing I can do about it so…