Strange Bug or am I confusing sth?

when I call MidiInput::getDevices() my Midi Device is Called “MyDevice MIDI: MyDevice MIDI MIDI 1”. When I open a AudioDeviceSelectorComponent it lists the Device as “MyDevice MIDI MIDI 1” (without “MyDevice MIDI:”), and writes it like that in the xml (as i want too). But If I load this xml, its not working, it needs “MyDevice MIDI: MyDevice MIDI MIDI 1” in the xml! If I change it by hand (Add “MyDevice MIDI:” by hand in the xml) it works again.

aplaymidi -l gives

Port Client name Port name
14:0 Midi Through Midi Through Port-0
28:0 MyDevice MIDI MyDevice MIDI MIDI 1

So it seems like on time it is taking client and port name, and one time just the portname.


greetz equinox

I’m not quite getting the problem you have, but it’s probably the same problem I had a while ago. I tried to fix it in the JUCE code, but I think I realized that it was an unsolvable problem, and added a workaround to my own code instead, explained below.

To load an output MIDI device given a name, I do this:

#if defined(FOR_LINUX)
  if (name.startsWith(JUCE_ALSA_MIDI_OUTPUT_NAME + ": "))
    name = name.substring(String(JUCE_ALSA_MIDI_OUTPUT_NAME + ": ").length());

  StringArray devices = MidiOutput::getDevices();

  int device_id = devices.indexOf(name);
  if (device_id==-1){
     return NULL;
     return MidiOutput::createNewDevice(device_id);
  } else {
    return MidiOutput::openDevice(device_id);

And the same for opening a MIDI input device, just change JUCE_ALSA_MIDI_OUTPUT_NAME to JUCE_ALSA_MIDI_INPUT_NAME.