Xcode 10 feedback


9.4.1 still works reasonably well.


i’m not having any problems with xcode 10.1 beta 10O23u


Includes/Headers are still not auto-completing for me in 10.1. Does anyone know how to fix this? Such a small feature that is sorely missed.


The only thing I’m still figuring out is,
Apple is smart to follow sym links. so after renaming Xcode.app to Xcode9.app and install Xcode10.xib … AppStore still suggests updating the Xcode 9… :confused:

Regarding 32-bit,
Some people still use old DAWs. this is regardless to macOS itself.
And even without RTAS… to keep Pro Tools 10.3.5 - 10.3.8 you’d like to have 32-bit AAX.
Not taking sides here. still with Xcode 9 and targeting 10.7 you can still compile pretty much anything.


I suppose I’m going to be in the XCode 9 camp for a while now as I want to be able to offer 32-bit builds for a few years to come. I usually pretty strictly keep my XCode up to date when the major issues seem to be resolved but perhaps that’s changing now, so I’m just wondering if older XCode versions tend to stay reasonably functional as new macOS versions come out, or if based on past experience this is likely to start to cause me problems.


Setting Build System to Legacy Build System in File > Project Settings... seemed to fix the problems I was having with warnings/errors not opening the file/line in the editor.

Here’s the release notes specific to Build System.


I’m stuck here. I was forced to upgrade my iPad to iOS 12 in order to be able to use TestFlight and now I am told that my XCode 9 is too old to even debug on iOS 12. Are these guys kidding?!?

Any way to remain in XCode 9 and still be able to do basic debugging on an iOS 12 device?


Yes, in Xcode 10.1, setting Build System to Legacy Build System seems to correct the issue of not recompiling when a file has changed in a module (referenced folders).


Thank you!! This issue is so annoying, since most of my codebase is inside a module.


BTW there is no problem having XCode 9 and 10 in parallel. So you can do swift stuff on XCode10 and JUCE on XCode9, if that is an option for you (download XCode9 from developer.apple.com and rename it to something else…)


What a joke… I renamed my XCode 9 and tried to update to XCode 10, but was told that my OS 10.12.6 was too old for it…

So they are actually obliging us to work with the latest version of each of their products, even though their releases are crap, right?


just log in to your developer account and download v10 manually…


Would love to, but it says “requires a Mac running macOS 10.13.6 or later.”


That table is quite useful to avoid this kind of surprises: Xcode 7.0 - 10.x


10.13.6 is really stable, tho. Why aren’t you running High Sierra?
FWIW, my 2011 iMac is too old to install Mojave so I’m stuck at 10.13.6. the graphics card doesn’t support the new Metal frameworks used in Mojave…


Well, I guess I’ll have to. But I’m really shocked that 10.12 is already considered too old.