Xcode 5 Base SDK, Compatibility & Architecture not working

I've just found that selecting an OSX Base SDK, OSX Compatibility Version and OSX Architecture don't seem to have any impact on the generated project in Xcode 5. Regardless of what I select, the project is set to No SDK (Latest OS X), Standard Architectures (64 bit) and 10.9 for my Deployment Target, for both Debug and Release builds.

I've just upgraded to JUCE 3.0 and the newest Introjucer, but I've never used these features before so I can't comment on whether this is a new thing.

Also, since I believe the default compiler is now libc++, it would be good to have the option to choose libstdc++ for the standard library, since I think the two existing options now both point to libc++ if you're on Xcode 5.

I thought that if you enabled c++11 mode, it automatically linked against libc++.. ?

Yes, I think it does, but there's no way to specifiy libstdc++ with Introjucer with an Xcode 5 project, because it always chooses libc++ by default. So if you want to compile with GCC you have to switch it each time. Unless I'm getting my wires crossed.

Anyway, the more pressing concern is the deployment targets and architecture, as I have to change them every time I regenerate the project - I want 10.6 as my compatibility target and a universal binary.

I came across this thread because I am having the same issue.  Basically, I want to specify GNU C++ standard library (libstdc++) in IntoJucer.  However, this library, though available in XCode5, is not available in IntroJucer.  Therefore, whenever I make a change to the project file, I must remember to make this change in the XCode Build Settings.  It is only a minor inconvenience, but I think it would be an easy enough fix in the IntroJucer to include all of the C++ Standard Libraries that are supported in XCode.