Xcode 9 is horrible :/



Can confirm that clearing the build folders made jump to symbol and text search work and work fast!


good 'ol Cmd-Option-Shift-K


Never knew that one, thanks!


wow - not seen this yet, very welcome - must try!


In case anyone else gets fed up with Xcode until they clean up the bugs, a quick-ish workaround is to use VS code or other text editor and use xcodebuild in the build script. Very little configuration required and you don’t have to change anything about the project setup with the Projucer.


JetBrain’s AppCode is a fantastic alternative to Xcode for development on macOS. It uses CLion internally for C/C++, and you can directly load Xcode projects that are generated from the Projucer.


yup - got this a lot in beta. maybe not so much in the final release though

yup - if you mean that when clicking on one of the search result lines on the left the code editor doesn’t highlight the right line. A pain.


The out-of-date errors are maddening :weary:

I told Yair I’m going to suffer through to 9.1 which would hopefully fix this but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to hold out… Might have to give AppCode a try as well…

Besides the bugs mentioned above, the diff-view sometimes sometimes doesn’t allow you to scroll past a diff once you’ve reached it scrolling the editor…

The Xcode team at Apple should be ashamed for this release. My (uninformed) guess is that they are, and it’s probably bad management at some level[s] which is the real issue.


The beta release for 9.1 is available, if you’re feeling brave…


Fun fact, the biggest selling point: refactoring. Just tried to rename a class in a very small example: before I even can enter a new name, a error pops up:

But it didn’t cost any, so no sale is no problem :wink:


LOL. Holy crap. What a useless error message that was clearly put in as an assertion “this should never be hit” case by an engineer (hence the lack of grammar/punctuation/polish). Ugh…


Preliminary CLion support is now available on the develop branch.


Did they even advertise that would now work for C++? Previous versions also have the refactoring commands available but pop up a nice “Refactoring is not supported for C++” message or such when trying to use them… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It works some of the time.

The recent 9.0.1 update didn’t fix any of the issues mentioned in this thread, but the 9.1 beta is available now…


Any update on the 9.1 beta? did it fix a lot of the problems described in this thread?


Just to iterate my experiences:

When saving files, Xcode does some weird stuff with the line endings, is this what is causing git to flag my ENTIRE file as a change?! After saving a file, even with no changes, with Xcode 9, the entire thing is flagged as change, from the beginning line to the end line.

Global searching is broken (and maybe local file searching, not sure). I end up in random spots of the file, although usually the item I’m searching for is not far away, but still UNACCEPTABLE.

Refactoring works SOMETIMES, but I had a time where it renamed a file in the file hierarchy view, but didn’t actually change the file on the OS, which caused the link to be broken, which caused me to have to manually rename the file to get the association back. Terrible.

Autocompletion is broke for me in a few ways now. Sometimes, when I insert an opening ‘{’, the corresponding closing ‘}’ isn’t auto inserted, like it always used to be. Also, when I used to make classes on any other version, when I would type in the “class” and the class name, then insert an opening ‘{’, following by an enter, Xcode would insert the closing ‘}’ along with the semicolon. Now, it doesn’t insert the semicolon.

What’s worse is they are taking WAY too long to fix this, and the last update (and first Xcode 9 update) didn’t fix a single issue of mine AND didn’t even have a bug log of what it DID FIX!

I’m severely disappointed, as Xcode 9 was looking SO promising and even the beta felt great. There was bugs there, but I expected it. I’ve filed so many bug reports its not even funny, and they seem to go largely ignored. They even accused me of being the problem for the line endings issues saying “well you are PROBABLY developing on a windows computer and moving your files over,” which isn’t true at all. I do no compiling on Windows. I had to send them a video of me saving a file with Xcode 8 (during beta Xcode 9 beta period) and then saving it with Xcode 9, showing the whole file being flagged as a change, to prove it wasn’t my fault.

Anyway, terrible terrible experience and really wish they would just fix this all.

End rant.

For what its worth, I’ve been using AppCode, and JetBrain’s tools in general, for about a year now, in the background on the days I was needing extra features that Xcode didn’t have. They are great tools. I was hoping 9 would replace my need for AppCode, with its global refactoring, but seeing as how its broken, I’ll continue to use Appcode until this is sorted.

AppCode and JetBrain’s tools are fantastic, my only issue is that they can do SO much that its easy to get lost in the tons of UI buttons.


Is 9.1 supposed to fix any of this? I can’t seem to find anything in the release notes for 9.1.


@jules, I know you had said you were using Xcode primarily these days in a recent post, curious to know if you are still using it currently, even with all these issues, or if you are using an alternative for the time being?


I’m still using it. The annoyances don’t quite outweigh the disruption of changing all my habits… It’s pretty close though.

My latest delightful Xcode 9 experience was when I returned to my machine to find that it had leaked 60GB of memory, bringing the OS to a virtual standstill. Nice.


Understandable, thats where I am, I can’t entirely justify relearning all the ins and outs of a different compiler, so I’m really hoping these issues are resolved, but Apple has a history of not getting to bugs, so I won’t hold my breath.