Xcode 9 is horrible :/


They asked me to send them an example project after requesting a video documenting the slow auto-complete code. The video showed auto-complete needing about 8-10 seconds every time I tried to use a class or object from a source file that wasn’t in the xcode project folder. i.e. the JUCE Module folder, specifically when you are editing a JUCE module source file.


Xcode 9.2 is out! It’s not listed in the changeling but syntax highlighting and cmd+control click to follow a symbol has significantly improved performance for me (and some others I’ve seen mention it online).

I’m assuming it wasn’t mentioned because to do so they’d have to implicitly admit it was complete trash before (which isn’t compatible with marketing speak!).


I had to empty my DerivedData to get things moving again. It is normally worth a try for Xcode fails.

EDIT: Note to say it is still not good in 9.2, just better than terrible


I’m just trying to get a basic command line executable built that uses JUCE IIRFilter with my own coefficients. I add the JUCE modules to the workspace but as soon as I #include anything from JUCE it can’t be found. Sorry I’m new to trying to do add external projects like this to Xcode and realize this may not be a JUCE issue but any help is appreciated.


Step zero of using JUCE: use the Projucer. JUCE modules aren’t meant to be included directly with no strings attached - they have all sorts of dependencies defined in the main header that the Projucer takes care of setting up automatically.

I recommend starting with a tutorial. https://juce.com/doc/tutorial_new_projucer_project


Thanks for the advice on the tutorial. Definitely the sort of thing I was looking for.


Something bad is going on at Apple…

I think I know how they’re going to fix the “Month 13 is out of bounds” bug: introduce Stevember.


Thanks for that, this has been bugging me the last few days