XCode 'Code Signing' flags in Projucer

Is there any way I can add ‘–timestamp’ to the ‘Other Code Signing Flags,’
and set the ‘Code Signing Style’ to manual, in the Projucer?
Plus the ‘Hardened Runtime’ for Release builds?

If you don’t set the ‘Development Team ID’ in the Projucer, it should default to no signing (i.e. manual, not automatic). There’s a Use Hardened Runtime field in the Projucer too, but it applies to all configurations. You can also set the hardened runtime during signing, by passing --options=runtime to codesign. The full signing commandline then looks something like this:

codesign --sign "CertName" --options=runtime --timestamp -f "/path/to/file"

Thanks, so your not signing your plug-ins conveniently in Xcode?

Ahh, OK I can use this:

OK if I set the the Projucer’s team ID to blank, but code signing ID to:

Development Team ID: ‘Team Name’ ('10 char string)

(It has to be exactly the way Xcode displays the drop-down, careful not putting any extra spaces in there)
Then it compiles OK, even though it’s still seems to be set for ‘automatic’
(I’ll get back if it fails to Notarize. I doubt it, but by the way this week has gone, you never know. :slight_smile: )