Set Xcode provisioning profile & automatic signing from within Projucer


I’m using an Apple Provisioning profile to sign my macOS app. To do so, I have to disable Automatically manage signing in Xcode and select the provisioning profile.

In Projucer there is the Signing Identity field in the Xcode Exporter, which seems to select the Certificate, but I can’t find any option to select a provisioning profile. But when I save my changes in Xcode and re-open the project from Projucer, these settings are overwritten. So since Projucer seems to override these, there must be a way to disable “Automatically manage signing” and probably also to select a provisioning profile, right?

Any ideas?

I don’t have a Mac at hand to try this, but you could set PROVISIONING_PROFILE and PROVISIONING_PROFILE_SPECIFIER in the “Custom Xcode Flags” field of the build configuration in Projucer.

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Awesome, that worked, as far as picking the provisioning profile goes.

I’m not sure what PROVISIONING_PROFILE_SPECIFIER does and no matter what I set it to (Profile name, true/false, 1/0…), it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

But by setting PROVISIONING_PROFILE = "ProfileName" and then putting the right certificate name in the Code signing identity field the correct profile and Certificate get selected.

That is, once I disable it the “Automatically manage signing” button. That one is still active on every reload and needs manual disabling. Any cool flags for that :slight_smile: ?

So thanks to @matkatmusic i figured it out:

in Custom XCode Flags: PROVISIONING_PROFILE_SPECIFIER = “YourProfileName”

and for this to work and have the Automatically manage signing button disabled you can’t have a TeamID in your Projucer Team ID field, which is (i think) obsolete anyways when using a certificate, right? Either way, it’s now automatically selecting my provisioning profile and builds a signed app as expected

Glad to help! I’ll probably hit you up when it’s time for me to release something and get it signed for OS X, without the app store being involved, since it seems like you’ve got that figured out!