Xcode not displaying all project source?

I’m using the current 5.3.2 master branch and have just updated Xcode to 9.4.1. When I save a project in the Projucer and open in Xcode, most of my source is missing from the navigator on the left. The project is still compiling and building fine, but I can’t access my files? Strange.

You can clearly see here that I’ve added all the files I need to. But this is how it looks in Xcode:
Most of the source files are missing. Any ideas, apart from jumping around the building cursing Xcode…which I’ve already done, but it didn’t seem to help…

Never seen that before, but maybe the files are actually symlinks or something? Try right-clicking on a few in projucer and choosing “show in finder” to make sure it’s pointing at what you think it is.

They show up fine in the the Projucer. It’s odd. When I open older projects that I haven’t updated with the latest Projucer they show their full source code as expected. But as soon as I update Xcode goes senile. No such issues on other platforms or IDEs as far as I can tell.

Maybe try saving/loading a juce example project just to sanity-check that you’ve not messed up something in your projucer codebase.

Good call. They seem to load fine. I will try removing all source files and simply adding them again. It’s obviously something local if the JUCE projects are loading fine. Thanks.