Xcode vs. (anything goes)

yeah i second the question about other nice IDEs for OS X, i’m fairly new to MAC (had mine for a month now, and i’ve been a PC sucker for the last 14 years). And XCode sucks so much i struggle to understand it. I tried Eclipse but that thing has grown into something that i can’t vene begin to understand (the whole JAVA island).

Has anyone tired http://www.absoft.com/ they also include a optimized compiler from IBM for the PPC platform (as i’ve been working as a SUN/Solaris admin, i know that those compilers from cpu producers are waaay better than gcc, but have some restriction, like the Intel compiler want compile the Linux kernel).

Maybe there are any others that look similar to VS6 (that’s the ultimate IDE for me, though i hate M$, that product was very good).