XmlElement issue (raw data ?)

Hi Guys,

I have an issue using XmlElement with an xml file.

I have some xml file with descriptions in it.
In order to format the text description, we have used some html tags like
this is a desc
another line of desc

So far I didn’t found a way using XmlElement
to retrieve the complete text I’m looking :
this is a desc
another line of desc

Any idea ?


Well that
isn’t actually text at all, it’s a tag, so it’ll get parsed out. You’d just have to iterate the sub-elements, concatenating the text and looking for special tags like this, and doing whatever’s necessary with them.

you need to encode the HTML such that the parser isn’t trying to treat it as XML.

Just pattern replace <> and / to

& # 60 ;
& # 62 ;
& # 47;

[edit] - stupid phpbb replaced the codes with the actual characters… You’ll need to remove the spaces… :roll:

Damn, it’s been a while since I was beaten to a post by Jules like that. Such memories. :slight_smile:

oki doki.


ah - I might have been quicker, but valley’s suggestion was better than mine…