Just cleaning up some linux code, I spotted the stuff that uses libxrender, apparently to enable transparent windows.

But I’m a bit confused - even with it disabled, window transparency works perfectly well! Does anyone know if it’s just a legacy library that’s no longer needed…? Does anyone actually enable the JUCE_USE_XRENDER flag? Are there some situations where it’s the only way to get transparency?

Also: I just spotted an error in the XRender code, which looks like it could never actually work at all (it gets the capitalisation of a function wrong, so should fail to open). So… I guess nobody’s using it…?

I was until the change of Juce 2.0. I guess that since I’ve used the IntroJucer it’s not enabled by default ?

I thought we used it. We have floating windows with rounded corners that need to go on top of OpenGL components. I don’t know of another way to do that.


Well, my point was that it seems to work perfectly well without it!