//[xyz] tags on helloWorld exemple of juice are not present when i create a new project with Basic window in introjucer


I just started on juce, and i am amazed with it, but i still have lot's of difficulties to jump in. Anyway.

This is something i didn't find any documentation:

in the world example at juce folder, the MainComponent.cpp starts with this:



  This is an automatically generated GUI class created by the Introjucer!

  Be careful when adding custom code to these files, as only the code within
  the "//[xyz]" and "//[/xyz]" sections will be retained when the file is loaded
  and re-saved.

  Created with Introjucer version: 3.1.0


  The Introjucer is part of the JUCE library - "Jules' Utility Class Extensions"
  Copyright 2004-13 by Raw Material Software Ltd.


//[Headers] You can add your own extra header files here...



Then when i make a new project in introjuce with this settings:

Project Type: GUI Application

Files to Auto Generate: Create a Main.cpp and a basic window

then the autogenerated  file for the componenent does not have  //[xyz]" and "//[/xyz]" sections and the comments about this sections in the beggining of the file has in the Juce helloWold example.

Now, my question is, Should i put  this section names manually? do i need them?

which regards me to another question: is introjucer an application to use just use when starting up the project, or i could think of it has a IDE which does not compile, and constantly use it to add component elements to the GUI? Any tips or documentations i should read to understand the concept and workflow i should know about introjucer?


Thank you,