You're the best


Hi Jules

Firstly I just want to say how absolutely awesome Juce is. I love how the there is a WYSWYG editor that saves inside cpp files. Brilliant. I heard you had iPhone/Android support but hadnt had a chance to use it till today. Amazing, took a little bit of playing around but that’s Googles fault. Love the Introjucer idea. Makes it so easy to develop crossplatform windowing apps. i cant believe how much code you have written supporting all that Android stuff through the Java interface.
Anyway just wanted to say keep up the good work. I’ll be getting a license from you very soon for a product.
The only thing I’m really missing is having the keyboard pop up on Android/iPhone when you edit a text box.

Thanks again


Thanks very much!

(The keyboard does pop up on iOS, doesn’t it…? But yes, I know that’s still on my Android to-do-list!)


Ah yes it does, cool. No hurry on the Android keyboard popup. Wont need it till April.