ZipFile with multiple .wav to an OwnedArray of AudioBuffer's?

Hello, new to JUCE/C++, and having fun.

I have a .zip file that contains 1 to 8 FIR filters as stereo .wav files. I would like to create an AudioBuffer for each .wav and hold in a suitable container.

I found some sample code that works using a MemoryBlock, but not sure how to convert to an AudioBuffer or how to write directly to an OwnedArray of AudioBuffer’s. Here is the MemoryBlock code:

juce::StringArray assetAudioNames;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<juce::MemoryBlock>> assetAudio;
juce::FileInputStream assetsStream(file);
juce::ZipFile assets(&assetsStream, false);

for (int i = 0; i < assets.getNumEntries(); ++i)
    auto stream = std::unique_ptr<juce::InputStream>(assets.createStreamForEntry(i));

    if (stream != nullptr)
        auto asset = assets.getEntry(i);
        auto assetName = asset->filename;

        auto assetSize = asset->uncompressedSize;
        // auto block = std::make_unique<MemoryBlock>(MemoryBlock(assetSize)); // NO
        // MemoryBlock is appended to, not overwritten
        auto block = std::make_unique<juce::MemoryBlock>(juce::MemoryBlock()); // YES
        stream->readIntoMemoryBlock(*block, assetSize);

Any ideas appreciated.