64 bit AAX Build Issue - Windows


I’m attempting to build my plugin as an AAX. I’ve built the AAX library with the SDK in 64bit using VS 2013 and my plugin compiles successfully and outputs an AAXDLL file. The generated folder hierarchy, however, is as such - ‘Builds\VisualStudio2013\x64\Debug\AAX\NewCompressor.aaxplugin\Contents\Win32\NewCompressor.aaxplugin’.

I’m unsure why the plugin is being outputted to the Win32 folder which is intended for 32-bit plugins, despite all build configurations being set to x64. I have installed this ‘NewCompressor.aaxplugin’ folder to the system’s AAX plugin directory, but Pro Tools 12 Developer version is not detecting the plugin at all - this is making me wonder if perhaps the plugin is somehow winding up as 32-bit.

Has anyone encountered any issues like this/got any insight as to what might be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like the Projucer isn’t recalling the architecture setting correctly in the MSVC exporter if it is set to “default”. I’ll push a fix for this to the develop branch shortly but for now can you try explicitly setting the architecture to x64 and see if that fixes your issue?

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Thanks ed95, that fixed the problem and Pro Tools is now detecting the plugin during the initial scan. I’m having a separate issue now in that the plugin isn’t
showing up in the plugins list for either mono or stereo inserts. Are there certain configurations that I need to adhere to for the plugin to show up?

Thanks for your help