65 parameters in Ableton Live

I find 65 AudioParameter is not initialized on the first automation recording in Ableton Live.
on 2nd automation recording, it works good.
It works good with 64 parameters.

Ableton Live displays all parameters for up to 64 parameters, but if more than 65, the parameters are displayed dynamically. (Probably displayed parameters will be initialized in Ableton Live)

on prepareToPlay(), I call setValueNotifyingHost(), but it doesn’t work good.
This may be a bug in Ableton Live, but how do you explicitly send initial parameter values?

Can you supply a very basic example that displays this behaviour?

I made example plug-in.
plug in has 65 parameters, but slider is linked one only.
slider inital value is 0, but after recording automation, slider value is 0.02.
please watch the video.

TestManyParameter.zip (32.4 KB)

I think it is.

I took your code and added an explicit call to setValueNotifyingHost right after beginChangeGesture. From the debugger I can see that we’re sending an initial value of 0.0. Ableton seems to be doing something like polling parameter values on a timer, and it fails to record what the initial value was. I’ve not been able to find a way to make Ableton store this information.

I can see the same behaviour in other, non-JUCE plug-ins (Steinberg’s HALion, for example), which suggests the problem is on Ableton’s side, but I’m a bit surprised I’ve not come across it before.

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I am not so much surprised, since from an UX perspective I would see >64 parameters as borderline, but a) that’s my opinion and b) it should work or be documented, that there is a limit…
Let’s hope they fix it…

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Sure, but the majority of the most well used synths have way more than that.

Is there no way to set the initial value clearly?

I found this when the maximum value had a special meaning and the initial value was the maximum value. (ex. 0.0f-1.0f 1.0f means infinity)