Preloaded Parameters in DAW

I’ve noticed some plugins automatically populate some of their parameters in the DAW.

How is this done?

For example in ableton, rather than needing to click “configure” and then set up a bunch of automation options, there are a bunch of stuff pre populated.

My plugin has heaps of parameters but Ideally I would LOVE to pre populate the most useful ones in advance.

I would try calling the updateHostDisplay method from AudioProcessor to see if it can do the job

I can’t see how I would list specific parameters to be exposed with updateHostDisplay

Just to make sure I was clear in the original post
When I launch Sylenth, there are no parameters “pre-loaded” in the DAW

However, when I launch L1, parameters are already placed and ready for automation.

Ideally I would like to do this with some, but not all, of my parameters.

Live may be adding those parameters automatically for L1 because there are so few of them, but if your plugin has hundreds, it won’t try to guess what the parameters to add should be. There is no programmatical way I know of to inform Live or any other host what are the preferred parameters to show in those kinds of host views.

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My experience matches @xenakios . If there are few enough parameters, Live simply displays them all.

From Ableton Live’s help pages :