Plugin parameters not showing up in Ableton

In the JUCE plugin host, and Cubase we get a good list:


But in Ableton we get almost nothing:


But if we wiggle a knob when recording the parameter suddenly pops into existence. E.g. by using the ‘CONFIGURE’ in the Ableton effect row…


Has anyone seen this before? Presumably we are doing something wrong … but it’s a mystery as to what.

This is with the latest JUCE master and using the managed parameters (adding Parameter objects). During the VST constructor we can see the 75 parameters for this plugin have been configured (see below)

Hi, add this to Options.txt in your preferences (if the files doesn’t exist, just create it)


I think the default is 32 (maybe 16?) but Live will only autopopulate for plugins that have the number of parameters less than the specified value - -1 tells it to ignore and do it for all plugins.

That’s interesting because some of my plugins report lots of parameters, e.g. the Access Virus TI plugin.

maybe this isn’t your issue then, but it is a cause of not auto-populating the “Configure” parameter panel in the plugin

I think you are on the money realy - the Virus plugin may be a curiosity…

Mystery solved …

I wonder why TI manages to display 100s of parameters though still !

not sure - bizarre - are you sure you haven’t configured it at some point in the past?

No, had to reconfigure it to make my 75 parameters appear …

btw, this is where Ableton stores you default maps that you’ve saved for plugins: