Ableton Plugin Parameters with 'config'

In Ableton - when you press ‘config’ in the section at the bottom - parameters only appear when you touch them in the UI of the plugin.

My plugin is displaying ALL of my parameters at the moment

I’m sure there is some fairly simple invocation to make it behave like other plugins - but I’m not finding it here in the forum or the documentation. Does anyone have a quick pointer to help me make it work like other plugins?

isn’t it a matter of number of automation greater than some magic number ?

that sounds likely but what magic number - where do I set it :slight_smile:

Ableton own magic number.
no way to know it, no way to set it :slight_smile:

You are spot on! I’ve just added 128 meaningless parameters and it behaves as I want (I’m obviously not leaving these in the product)

thank you!

Reviving this topic because there is a solution to it on user end:

The number is not quite as magic and the user can override the default values. To do this, the enduser creates an option file for their Ableton installation as per this tutorial about the Ableton Options.txt file

The parameter to override this setting is:
_PluginAutoPopulateThreshold, which according to their documentation is set to 32 at default, on my installations it’s 64 however and I’ve never touched this or created an Options.txt file before.

So if a user wants your plugin to show the Config menu instead of just displaying all parameters, they need to locally lower the PluginAutoPopulateThreshold to something lower than your plugins parameter list length