A "JUCE Module" project type?


Hi everyone,

How do you usually go about building a new module? Do you always build it inside of your current project, or do you have a module project template, with UI (or logic for in-console) unit-test running?

I know the structure, but I would really like it, if there was a project template in the Projucer which would scaffold it for me, including some UI (or logic for output in the console) to run all unit-tests. This way I can easily see whether I am setting the right dependencies to other modules, develop it separately from the projects I am using it in and achieve the previous 2 without any repetitive work for every module I develop.


Writing my first JUCE module - how to include JUCE headers right?

I support this idea!


I like the idea too! I’m right in the middle of making my own module, so this would really be useful


If someone is interested, I wrote these notes for my own usage while organizing my code in form of a module from scratch.

There I tried to describe how a JUCE module is organized in order to respect the specifications officially documented in “modules/JUCE Module Format.txt”.



+1! Manually doing the scaffolding is tedious when there’s clearly a consistent pattern.




It’s an interesting suggestion that we will definitely look into. We had a few similar ideas recently which we are discussing internally.


Thanks @fabian.