Add options in Projucer to include other projects?

Hi, I don’t think this is currently possible (unless someone tells me otherwise), so more of a suggestion.

When building projects that use libraries I add the additional dependencies into XCode/VS manually, which is fine, but if I change the main project in Projucer and save, these additions are lost. Would be nice if we could specify additional sub-projects to be built into the Projucer generated content so that these could be specified and not done by hand…


Yep that would be great addition.

I write a lot in my own modules using

It is very helpfull and once setup you can easily work with that.

But having a frontend in Projucer to create a template and edit the properties, files etc. would be a nice addition.
And also a html version of the modules format somewhere on the webpage would encourage people to write their own modules.


Agreed. A website overhaul is on it’s way and we’re going to make the JUCE module system much more prominent.


A little OT: what is the meaning of the new colours in the projucer modules? I understand red means missing, but the juce ones are orange and mine are yellow… Is it the license?

It is the license. A very rough, non legally binding, summary:

Blue -> JUCE ISC: Use however you want
Orange -> JUCE GPL/Commercial: Use however you want for private/open source projects, requires a JUCE license for commercial use
Yellow -> Non-JUCE: You should read the license contained within the module


Thanks @t0m, that’s good to know!