Modules not automatically added to project

I created a new audio plugin project in Projucer and opened it within xCode and tried building however the build failed. According to the docs, Projucer should automatically configure the modules required for the project type however this was not the case. I had to manually add the juce_audio_processors module and the dependencies to the project and save to be able to build the default project.

is your juce modules path set correctly in the projucer settings?

It was all setup as default, JUCE folder was in home.

It might be helpful to indicate the steps used to create your project. When I look in the New Project section, I don’t see a ‘default’ project. Are you making an application or a plugin? I also notice in the Projucer New Project section, you can manually modify the list of modules, is it possible you accidentally de-selected the audio processors module?

That might’ve been what happened @cpr2323 thanks!