Missing modules after building in Projucer

When I create a new project in the Projucer and open it in the IDE, some of the JUCE modules are missing, for example juce_dsp. Why don’t they all get included, even though they are in my JUCE/modules folder? Is that a limitation of the student licence?

I’m using VS2017 and the project type I picked in the Projucer is Audio Plug-In.

Some of them are not added by default, because the Projucer cannot guess, what you are planning to do.
The dsp is also not added by default, because you have to set the C++ language to C++14 (in the Projucer) in order to use the dsp module, and some users might not want to do that.


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Thanks, that explains it. So some modules were excluded because of the project type, and others because I chose the C++11 option in the Projucer.