JUCE module format and naming conventions

Is there a style guide somewhere for JUCE modules?
Specifically regarding file and module naming conventions. Like which parts should be snake_case and which should be TitleCase? And recommended folder structure?
Third party JUCE modules seem to have a mix of styles and conventions although most adopt snake_case naming. I think it would be helpful to have a clear setup guide. Module skeleton generator anyone?


‘Create New Project’ dialog in Projucer could have a new project type: Module

The time machine takes us back to 2017:

Lately I’ve been using Cookiecutter to generate my module folders with this template. It is a little opinionated towards my style, but it’s very easy to customize.

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If it can be of any help, in the past I have written some notes to myself on how to structure a JUCE module, based on some guesswork in addition to what’s written in the official JUCE Module Format.txt :