A proposal for adding Slider::LinearBarVertical style to Introjucer


Hi Jules,

I was creating a GUI Slider component in the Introjucer and noticed that it would be usefull to have a Slider::LinearBarVertical style available in the style drob down menu. Would it be possible to add this?






Hi Matti

I avoided that because the point of the the horizontal one was that the bar was both a text display/editor and a bar. If it was vertical then how would the text be placed?

(And don't forget that you could always rotate a horizontal one by 90 degrees if you want vertical text!)


Thank you for answer Jules.

What I am after is the look and feel of the slider presented in the VST plugin tutorial available on this site. However, ready made components does not include that explicitly.

Well - I will add the code by hand. I quess this is the procedure I need to get myself familiar when mixing Introjucer generated and manually written code : )