A question in running JUCE application

I know it’s not a particular question occurring to JUCE but I decide to put it here.

I build a JUCE Application, and of course I can run the exe in the Debug File on my PC(I’m using ms vs2005). But the exe itself can’t run on other computers. How to manage it??

thanks a lot~.

No idea what you mean by not running on ‘other computers’??

I just copied the .exe under the debug file and paste to another PC. But some .exe opening error occurs~
BTW, juce is quite impressive~

Does the machine you copied your exe to has VS installed?

If not try putting the manifest file generated by the project for the exe.

If this doesn’t solve your problem use dependency walker to check if it requires few libraries or dll on the other machine.

thanks I 'll try it.

Well…I know how to cope with it now,…

Was it the manifest files or some dll’s missing.

uhmm…Actually, because I’m a newbie, I didnt build my exe in under the RELEASE mode…

Manifest is something related to the xp-sytle of looking…maybe i think

Well, manifest files are needed only if your application is compiled using VS 2005 and higher. Once you run your application it is not required. It’s not just Xp even vista needs it.

Had struggled with this problem since am a full time mac programmer :slight_smile:

Atleast i was of some help.