AAX Library and Linker Errors


I have some problems with compiling JUCE to AAX and hoped the forum could help. First off, I don't seem to be able to compile the AAX library (2.0.0 or 2.0.1) on windows (7-64bit using VS2008) without removing links to AAX_VPlugInDescriptor.cpp which doesn't exist on my system. It will then compile.

When I try to compile the demo plug-in the AAX SDK or my own plug-ins I get linker errors to LNK2019 unresolved external symbol.

Could someone who has successfully compiled aax plug-ins on windows please help?



There's nothing in juce that makes any reference to AAX_VPlugInDescriptor.cpp, so I don't quite understand where you'd have got that filename from?

Sorry, maybe my original post wasn't clear.

That name comes up when compiling the AAX Library from the AAX SDK vs2008 project. I assume the library needs to be built for JUCE to compile to aax plug-ins?

It seems that the AAX library vs2008 project has errors, which then get taken ovr to the juce project. Using the vs2010 files fixed these issues for me.