AAX plugin category

Hello everyone,
I am trying to build an AAX version of my plugin
if I leave the plugin AAX Category empty in JUCE settings I get errors in Xcode
/Users/…/JuceLibraryCode/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AAX/juce_AAX_Wrapper.cpp:1949:55: Too few arguments to function call, single argument ‘inCategory’ was not specified

(I do get errors if I fill it as well)

any ideas?

Set an AAX Category


I set Effect
and then I get :
/Users/…/…/JuceLibraryCode/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AAX/juce_AAX_Wrapper.cpp:1949:33: Use of undeclared identifier ‘Effect’

You need to use one of the catogeries defined in the AAX SDK. In your case, I guess you wanted to use AAX_EPlugInCategory_Effect.

that did the trick!!
now i am getting the following error:

Error LNK1104 cannot open file ‘C:\SDKs\AAX_SDK_2p3p0\Libs\Release\AAXLibrary_x64.lib’

any ideas?

You also need to compile the AAX library - there’s a Visual Studio 2013 project in the SDK that you can use to do this.

See this thread: