AAX Plugin channels options

I can build plugins succesfully in AAX format, yet if I open protools I see way too many options for either mono or stereo, for example:

my_plugin (stereo)
my_plugin (stereo/LCR)
my_plugin (stereo/Quad)
my_plugin (stereo/1st Order Ambience)
my_plugin (stereo/2nd Order Ambience)

For the other plugins, pro tools is smart enough to only show me the one version suited for my current track settings, why is this?

These are the options I would expect to see in something like an upmixer, which declares it will take a mono/stereo input and output extra channels (increasing the output channel count). I would think it’s down to the AudioProcessor::BusesProperties in the Processor constructor.

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The constructor is just a default.
This list is the result of a negotiation between the host and your plugin. You specify in isBusesLayoutSupported() which combination your plugin is able to handle by returning true or return false if it can’t.


Thanks @daniel !! that function was exactly what I needed! :+1:

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