AAX plugins in dev build of ProTools 11.2.1 without signing? [SOLVED]


quick question for those of you who have experience building AAX plugins:

is a Juce-based AAX plugin supposed to be running in the development build of ProTools 11.2.1 WITHOUT applying any signing?

I'm asking because that currently doesn't seem to work for me here (Win7 64-bit SP1, Juce version of about 1 month ago). If it's supposed to work, then I guess I'll need to fix that first before adding the signing process.



Hi KoenT,

It works here at ROLI (on Win8 64 and OS X). We don't sign our plug-ins at all and it runs in the ProTools dev builds. Obviously, you will need an iLok to run the development build of ProTools.

Does this work for you?


Hey Fabian,

OK thanks for confirming that.

Yes, I have all the required stuff (iLok2 with licenses, Eden signing tools, ...)
I'm getting a -7058 error (AAX_ERROR_PlugInUnauthorized) from ProTools dev build 11.2.1.

In the meantime I had tested a bit further and I'm also able to run the DemoGain plugin from Avid in the dev build without signing. So, from your feedback and that demo plugin test, I guess there must be something wrong with my setup/build then. Looking into that now...

Thanks for the confirmation.


I found the issue: the entry points for AAX were nowhere to be found in my dlls, so I double-checked my settings and yes, the build AAX flag was not set... I had been trying to use VST build only dlls in my AAX bundle package...