AAX plugin load authorization issue

Hi all,

I’m trying to build an aax version of our software and I’m new to digidesign’s development routine.

I’ve successfully build the aaxlibrary.a and the jucedemoplugin as for a trial, and the jucedemoplugin.aaxplungin appears in the aax plugin locaiton.

When starting up the PT 10.2, it says

My PT is a standard bought version, not a dev version, and I have a digidesign dev account.

So how could i make it through?


You need to use the Dev build of Pro Tools


You will need to have your plug-in digitally signed using the pace signing tool if you want the version standard of ProTools to open it up. There is plenty of information on signing your plugin on the digidesign develper site/forum if you are unsure about this.

You can use a dev build of pro tools if you want to debug or generally test an aax plugin without signing it first, though I had to go back a few revisions to get a version that just worked ‘out of the box’.