AAX post build event msvc

due to a space in my windows user name i have to manually place quotes around the call to CreatePackage.bat for AAX builds on windows

“C:\Users\Oliver Larkin\SDKs\AAX_SDK\Utilities\CreatePackage.bat”

That’s odd the Projucer does add the quotes. See here. Does this need to be double-escaped somehow?

I also have issues with AAX post build event msvc.
My target project folder is …/…/Builds/VS2015/controlPlugin
I use a relative path for the AAX sdk (…/…/…/assets/aax).
I need to manually update jucer_ProjectExport_MSVC.h
so that the path to CreatePackage.bat is correct.

It seems related to this recent commit:

> +                const String aaxSDKPath = File::isAbsolutePath(aaxPath.toString())
> +                                                          ? aaxPath.toString()
> +                                                          : String ("..\\..\\") + aaxPath.toString();

i guess its because your target folder, is not on the default position, currently the exporter doesn’t handle this right

Sure. It seems to me that path handling is a core feature of project generation / export, so it would be nice that the Projucer gets this right :slight_smile:

still an issue, although i am having trouble working out exactly what is wrong - seems to work via IDE but not via MSBUILD. i had to hack/solve by moving my AAX SDK to a path without spaces.

Ahh that’s odd. I’ll have a look - I stress tested this so, so much - but never in MSBuild. arggghh!