[Feature Request]AAX post build on Windows

Hi Guys,


Just checked today the IntroJucer, see how it could replace our custom tool and plugin wrapper.

Looks like there is no script to build the folder stuff of AAX on Windows.

Would it make sense to add something a bit like that this to the build system ?

in PreBuild

set OutDir=%1
CALL ..\..\..\SDKs\AAX\Utilities\CreatePackage.bat %OutDir% ..\..\..\SDKs\AAX\Utilities\PlugIn.ico

in Post Build

xcopy /E /I /H /K /Y /R PathToSrc $(Configuration)\$(ProjectName).aaxplugin\Contents\$(PlatformName)\


So when you select AAX build, you have something out of the box.



but please optional (because i have already working solution incl signing....)

or integrating your solution in Juce :)

Signing could maybe be here as well as this is mandatory for AAX anyway.

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