AAX - ProTools - Empty plugin automation name

There is an issue where some automation names are blank in ProTools.
After further investigation, AAX plugin format only authorizes 31 character long parameter names - juce truncates and sends the first 31 chars.

In this case scenario, there is several long param names with the similar 31 characters so after the juce truncate there were duplicate params names that lead to that ProTools misbehavior - no warnings were triggered in juce.

It would be relevant and time saver to implement a safeguard assert when a parameter name is too long. Thank you.

Source (juce_AAX_Wrapper.cpp):

        AAX_Result GetParameterName (AAX_CParamID paramID, AAX_IString* result) const override
            if (auto* param = getParameterFromID (paramID))
                result->Set (param->getName (31).toRawUTF8());

            return AAX_SUCCESS;
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Experiencing this as well. Did you ever find a solution?

(edited) Not a big-deal solution, just a patch. We renamed the oversized parameters to fit 31chars and we added patch code to make sure we did not break previous session save states. (We are doing it only when building for AAX otherwise we would break automations on DAWs that use VST, AU…)

I’ve made some small diagnostic improvements in this area. Details here: AAX Silent Failure With JUCE (Long Param IDs) - #4 by reuk