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From last few weeks I am reading the juce lib code and trying some sample applications. But all are command line. I can able to do upto mixing sound sources and applying global speed effect on them. I know it was not a big deal.
Now I want to add some other effects such as echo, flanger etc., individual on each track.
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Nearly all time domain effects like the ones you mentioned are based on digital delay lines. Everything from filters to flangers use them so I’d suggest you start there. If you already have an application that can mix two audio sources it shouldn’t take much work to alter it so that you can set up some delay lines. Their lots of info available online and the music dsp website contains lots of examples. http://www.musicdsp.org/ Best of luck.


I would just build support for VST plugins in your app. Jules made the hosting of VST or Audio Units very simple. So create your own AudioMixer that can hold VST effects and plug it in your app. This is how we did it.

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Can you please provide me an example or code snap shot to understand it better.


We created a MixerAudioSource to which inputs and AudioPluginInstances can be added. The AudioPluginInstance is the class you are looking for.
You can have a look at the PluginHost that Jules made to see how it works.