New to JUCE, some questions

Hello everyone!

I am a begginer when it comes to juce and making audio plugins but im very familiar with the C++ lanaguge and after trying some stuff on the JUCE platform it looks like it will make my life of making audio plugins very simple. a really newbie questions about sound and effects:


1) i would like to create a reverb and delay effect, any tips on how to go about doing this task? i understand the concept of how delay and reverbs work with audio buffers and pointers reading and writing , but how to integrate them with JUCE is kind of confusing for me, 

should i create A new class for Delay effect? where would it be? should it inherit from the component class or other thing? i saw there is a reverb class too, what does it really give me? 

2)Passing audio through filter in plug-ins , any information about that? how would i integrate within a plugi-in the audio through a filter and then output it?

3)Should an audio effect have one midi input and output and one audio input and output? - i know this question is kinda dumb but had to figure out something


Thanks for any answer and sorry for any poor english mistakes made :)

Did you have a look at the JUCE Reverb class (juce_audio_basics/effects/juce_Reverb.h)?

thanks for the reply, yes i have but i think i dont understand how to integrate stuff with each other i mean the audio coming in and how do i attach the it to the effect... im very new to this and need some very general information about how and where to start..

any tips or further reading would be much appreciated


Feel free to check out this SVF filter I'm working on (from the book The Art of VA Filter Design) and the test plugin. The part I think you're interested in is how I'm using VAStateVariableFilter::processAudioBlock() inside of the AudioProcessors processBlock(). Maybe that'll give you an idea of how you can process audio using a JUCE plugin. This is nowhere near a good (or complete) plugin, but it should give you an idea of how you can do things.

By the way, don't worry about the "Components" folder. I was trying to make a display for filters, but that didn't work out. You should be focused on VAStateVariableFilter(.cpp/.h) and PluginProcessor(.cpp/.h).