Access setBypass

I'd like to be able to access the master bypass state in my plug-in, but looks like that is not frowarded from the wrapper to the AudioProcessor class. Is there an easy way to this? I could set a flag based on whether processBlock or processBlockBypassed was called, but that seems like a hack.

Jules it would be great if you could add this, so it's directly supported. For example, in the VST2 wrapper it could do something like this:

bool setBypass (bool b) override
   isBypassed = b;
   if (filter != nullptr)
       filter->setBypass (b);
   return true;

Not sure if this helps you, but I've managed to bypass my plugin just by checking a bool and doing a return early on in the processBlock.

But which bool do you check? For example, in the VSTWrapper the isBypassed member looks to be inaccessible by the AudioProcessor class. 

Is the processBlockBypassed() method any help?

Sure, I can add a bypass flag which is set in processBlockBypassed, but seems like a bit of a hack. I could imagine there might be some screw cases when the plug-in processing is deactivated.

Are you talking about, for example in the host you insert the plugin on a channel strip, and then, in the host, you bypass that insert?


What do you need to know this for? Looking at the method Jules suggested, I think this could get you mostly there.

Yup, I'm talking the DAW's plug-in bypass button. Anyhow, I'm considering having elements in the GUI showup as disabled/grayed out, so I just want a simple flag to test for that. Just wondering if there is direct way to do that. But setting a flag in processBlockBypassed should work.